Do you really need us?

If you are an IT application manager looking for specialist support for a short duration to solve the top problem of yours, then you will be happy to know that we could help you.

Under pressure to save costs? Still you would like to have someone dependable onsite to ensure things are under control? Then we can help you with this.

The day to day issues keeping you awake at night? We can cover you with our managed service offering that is cost effective and customizable to support your need. It could be as small as monitoring your batch jobs to solving the most popular problem of yours. Please explore our following service offerings.

Expertise Offering
Offshore Development and Support Services
Onsite Lights-On

Industry Solutions and Solution Labs

Dog Template Asmaka Services and Products are focused around Industry-Specific needs. We understand the criticality of Industry knowledge to address the clients requirements better. To this extent, asmaka's consultant teams are provided specific knowledge about the client's industry before deployment on assignments. The products and solutions offered will be certified by specialists on suitability for respective industry groups. The Solution Labs are a special initiative to drive awareness among the IT Professionals on Industry-specific needs and software solutions to address those needs. Asmaka is working on expanding the Solution Lab Network in colaboration with its partners