About Asmaka

Founded in 2003, Expanded in 2005 and Evolving continuously

The Story

Asmaka was founded in 2003 by three software engineers in Delaware, USA. It was formed to market software products and open source installation and support services. Its focus shifted to IT consulting in the US in next 2 years. Asmaka serviced large clients in the areas of ERP Implementation and application development.

In 2005, Asmaka Technologies was started in Hyderabad, India to support Asmaka US in Offshore Services. Asmaka India was involved in Product development for external clients and Asmaka US.

In 2009, Asmaka Technologies acquired Ind Technologies that specializes in Application Development on Open Source, Java and Microsoft Technologies. Since this acquisition, Asmaka has expanded its portfolio of services and is currently working on a makeover including rebranding and realignment of services.