Industry Focus

Asmaka Services and Products are focused around Industry-Specific needs. We understand the criticality of Industry knowledge to address the clients’ requirements better. To this extent, asmaka’s consultant teams are provided specific knowledge about the client’s industry before deployment on assignments. The products and solutions offered will be certified by specialists on suitability for respective industry groups.

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Health Insurance

Asmaka has Doctors and Healthcare specialists on the advisory team to train & guide our personnel and advise our clients. The members of the advisory team are experienced academicians, practitioners and IT Specialists in the Healthcare & Related organizations.

Financial Services

Our Specialists in Financial Services include practicing Chartered Accountants, Investment Banking Specialists and Insurance Brokers. The advisory team constituting these specialists provides training and hands-on exposure to the personnel delivering services to our clients in this industry.

Education & Government

The E&G Advisory team contains Academic Administrators from universities, consultants to Government Organizations, Organizers from NGO and Social Service Organizations.

Automotive and Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing group constitutes personnel and Management from manufacturing organizations and auto ancillary industries.

Distribution & Retail

The Distribution & Retail Advisory group consists of Warehouse operators, Retail Business Owners and Consultants providing services to Retail and Distribution Organizations.

Data, Content, Media & Entertainment

Our Management team has specialists from this industry. They work with the Advisory group from organization like record labels companies, Internet Content Providers, Advertisement Agencies and News Organizations.