Opportunities @ Asmaka

The Primary business of Asmaka is Enhancing the Value of its employees and clients. To this effect, Asmaka has implemented a portfolio management system to track the development of employees, consultants and users of its services. Asmaka's focus is to get the consultants and team members trained on skills specific to client's industry. Employees and Consultants are identified by specific industry focus based on experience, interest and background. The identified individuals are trained in their respective industries to reinforce their knowledge. These individuals when assigned to client work, will understand the business, pains, problems and terms easily, thus resulting higher productivity and better quality of service. Individuals aspiring to associate themselves with asmaka can do so in the following ways

  • Consultants: Asmaka encourages individuals with niche skills to work as consultants by contributing few hours every week. The consultants will be involved in training and advisory services
  • Employees: Asmaka is always looking for highly skilled and motivated personnel with innovative thoughts to join various teams. These positions are generally full time and require a lot of innovative and entrepreneurial skills
  • Partners: Partners are individuals/groups that work with clients and utilize Asmaka's services in the process of fulfilling clients needs. Asmaka is currentl supported by 4 Partners globally and is actively looking for more partners to join the team.
  • Customers: Individuals looking for Job or change of Job or change of career or looking for Career management services can reach out to Asmaka for assistance. Our Expert Staff will provide necessary guidance to fulfill your need.