Over years asmaka has developed numerous products that service varied needs of various clients. The following are some of the Products.

W3SQL Query Tool

This is a complete full featured web based query tool, it connects all your user directly to multiple enterprises database, security, regardless of database size, hardware, operating systems or location. This tool can translate the table names in the RDBMS to user understandable language

EDI Mailer

This is small scale data transfer tool that utilizes your investment in an email system to exchange formatted data with your trading partners

Data Archiving Tool

This tool helps in generating the data archiving scripts for small enterprises database


With this product any organization can have a complete control over the files without using the original files for reference. It also provides all cost benefit analysis & has been used to tackle the file based on OCR technology as well


Druxon is a Prescription Management Software that extends the Hospital Management, Pharmacy Management and Healthcare Practice Management Software to manage Prescription as a service.


Atomed is a Emergency Medical Records system. This innovative product is based on QR Code an has extensive Mobile interface for use in smart phones. The medical records are maintained and interfaced in CCR Standard to support interpretability with other service providers