Expertise Offering

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Looking for an expert who can

  • Solve a Perennial IT Issue that has been bothering your Enterprise
  • Provide you Options when stuck with a tough Technical decision
  • Validate your organizational strategy on aspects of Enterprise Applications

Help is here now. You can place a request for an expert or describe the problem that is bothering your enterprise. We will get back to you within in 24 hours with our expert. You can talk to our expert and then engage him/her. Our rates are reasonable and we have flexible payment models. Our Experts generally work remotely, but if necessary can travel to the client location to deliver services.

Benefits of the Expertise Offering
  • Economical Option when looking for help
  • Wide Range of Skills to engage
  • Availability of the expert consultant is on-call, can provide support during off-hours, and can be on-site when (and if) necessary.

Offshore Development and Support Services

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Asmaka is providing post production support, DBA support, and development services for Oracle Applications. Asmaka in-house DBA, Functional, and Technical resource team has the expertise to not only support your existing applications but can also modify them to enhance your core competencies. Our highly experienced professionals are available to provide efficient support to your applications when you need it. Asmaka can work with its clients to establish effective model for development support from our offshore office.

Onsite Lights-On

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In the era of most of the low criticality IT work is moving offshore, some situations demand short term onsite presence to keep the lights on. A few examples of such situations are

  • Upgrades and Updates
  • Transitions from one user to another or one organization to another
  • Post Go-live support
  • Requirements Gathering and Documentation Phase
  • Testing Execution and Management
  • Release Management Support

To help Enterprises meet these needs, we have developed an offering. This Offering delivers low cost consulting services through trained and ready consultants. These consultants travel onsite to client location or the location where required and provide services.

Benefits of Onsite Lights-On Offering

  • Low Cost Consulting Service
  • Onsite and available at client site for delivering work
  • Consultants are open to full-time hire
  • Trainings will be provided on-demand for initial 3 months
  • Productivity is increased as consultant / employee is readily available to work on customer applications starting from the day one

Skills Covered

  • Enterprise Applications
    Oracle Applications, SAP, People Soft, and Siebel

  • Technologies & Platforms
    Oracle, Mobile Technologies (Android and Server Side), Java and Microsoft

Offering Registrations

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